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 Draven's New House

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PostSubject: Draven's New House   Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:55 pm

Basic Info:
Hetro roleplays always play male. I post from a couple of times a day, to maybe every other day depending on work, and life. Will always give a heads up if I canít post for a while. Length of my writing can be from semi-para to paragraph, but you will not get a one liner from me unless it's (oc). Sometimes though I do throw out longer posts, I can be very detailed, and sometimes overboard if I'm really into the role and have something to work with. Also though I have a rabbit hole, I consider it light right now, rather than darker on some of the stuff I have done or want to explore.

General Stuff:
1x1 settings
16+ for the characters.
I usually work with original characters only.
Tentacle roles yes I do them but prefer PM/IM for them because they can go fast and end.
Yaoi I donít do much of it though I will do one if the partner is a crossdresser, PM on this. Seems there is many looking for this, and if there is a good plot/hook I will do one.

Cravings Themes/Kinks/blah blah.
These donít have to be in the roleplay at all just something Iím looking for down the road.

Ace Combat OC Hetro
Medieval Roles
Brother/Sister Pairings
Female Dominate

Pairings: Ok slowly adding to the pairings keep looking back for new ones that I add or find interesting. Donít be afraid to send me a pairing I just might do it, there is just so many that you can do.

teacher x student
mentor x student
student x student

vagabond x bounty x
knight x knight x princess x maid x
Prince x ?

Male x maid
Male x dancer

Brother x Sister
Son x Mother
Aunt x Nephew

Random pairing, look at the subway thread.

Just don't walk away from the roleplay etc...Like many this pisses me off the most, and I will most likely not roleplay with you again. It's not that hard to write no thanks.

Donít OC in the thread if it is one, just send a PM, letting me know if itís something that you donít like, or want to add in more content etc.

Anthro (Nekoís are ok)

Pic Section: (Not Up till I find a host)

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Sex Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Draven's New House   Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:04 pm

Student x Student?
And the plot can be:
One student(Nerdy, hidden handsome) tutoring another(Popular and teasy) for money. And then she decides to not pay him?

(Shortened version)
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Draven's New House
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