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 Female Wanted for Erotic Email Exchange

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PostSubject: Female Wanted for Erotic Email Exchange   Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:45 pm

This Male enjoys exchanging erotic emails with literate women, perhaps such as yourself for role-play purposes. Someone who knows something about grammar, and punctuation. I'm not looking for a slam-bam thank-you ma'am type of exchange, but rather lengthy, detailed chapters to a story we write together, using ourselves as primary characters. A role-play scenario where we can be whomever we want, any age we want, any size we want, any race we want. I have no desire to meet, IM/PM, exchange photos or chat via telephone. Together we can write a story, each submitting subsequent chapters.

Who would you like to be?

Perhaps the horny trophy wife whose much older husband provides for you financially but not sexually. As a result, you set your sights on the teenage boy who mows your lawn, wondering if he can provide the services your husband doesn't...

Are you a secretary who daily pushes the envelope of what is and isn't proper office attire, hoping your boss will ask you to close the door behind you and take dick-tation. Perhaps bending over at the file cabinet in your tight skirts, stockings and heels has finally paid off...

Maybe you are a massage therapist who realizes that if you modify your attire your tips will increase. You also decide it will help to use more than your hands to make sure your male clients leave your studio fully released from stress, rid of all their pent-up stiffness, doing whatever it takes to assure all of his hard muscles are relieved...

Are you the schoolgirl who wishes the mature, widowed man next door would teach you all the things you aren't learning in school. Now that your breasts are beginning to bud and your hips flair, you've taken to leaving your bedroom drapes open 24/7 hoping he will notice, trying to decide if you should seduce him, or would you rather he be the aggressor and perhaps 'take you'...

No doubt you've got ideas of your own, which I would gladly consider.

Who would you like to be ???
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Female Wanted for Erotic Email Exchange
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