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 Punishment is so sweet [EMW and `iza]

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PostSubject: Punishment is so sweet [EMW and `iza]   Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:52 am

That little brat, dammit how she constantly irked their nerves. There wasn't a single thing in this world that she could've possibly gotten wrong. Ever since she was born the two of them where treated like second class members of the family. It seemed like when they went somewhere their dear little sister always got treated as if she where first class, and they road coach. When would it come to an end! The twins occasionally got the impression that if their little sister where to go into a bank and hold everyone up at gun point, they'd only see how cute she was and let her go with a slap on the wrist.

She certainly needed to be knocked down a few pegs to know her place. Timothy and Thomas, they both had to be named with a T, one of the irritating facts about them, it also helped people to become even more confused over their identities. To end the confusion Tommy who was a few seconds older got his nosed pierced with a silver loop ring through his right nostril. It was also a sign of his more hardcore lifestyle, partying etc... Tommy always loved dark genre music, it really pumped him up.

Timmy on the other hand chose to identify himself by getting a single blond streak dyed into his dark brown hair. This about the only way to tell them apart. Even then people still got confused on more than a few occasions. Both of them where tall 6'0 even the both of them and a bit lanky, Tommy was noticeable more athletic than Timmy though, having played football every year since first grade. Timmy usually prefer a more sedentary manner of spending his time, preferring video games, chess, and movies over hands on action for the most part. It was difficult to separate them and they where always together, with friends on dates etc...

One thing that the twins agreed on more than anything was that their little sister pissed them right the fuck off. It seemed like even when she walked into a room it was filled with golden angelic light or something. Currently Tim was upstairs while Thomas was down in the basement getting his workout in for the day. Benching the weight he was hardly a power lifter but he did want to tone up. Using about 150 pounds he pumped up and down like a mad man, working out his anger in this manner, though he did have better ideas.

Timothy stayed upstairs in his room laying on his back down on his bed, the PSP in his hands gave off a constant clicking sound from his fingers tapping the keys. The look on Timothy's face was a blank one kind of like a zombie. The young man was breathing he had a heart beat, but the look on his face gave the impression that he was just a living shell with no one home. The constant tapping echoed through the halls, not stopping until he had gotten through the boss. Like a page out of the bible Timmy came back to life, starting with a subtle blink. Setting the game down he needed something to eat.

Walking down the stairsstories, he hummed silently to himself wondering when Ms. Perfect was gonna get back from school. He just knew she was gonna be carrying that report card with a smug look on her face, something that would completely ruin his entire day for him. Still wearing his Spiderman pajamas, a black Slayer shirt and some black house slippers with socks he went down to the living room to watch some tv. Yawning he was in that weird state, where you weren't quite sleepy and couldn't sleep, but you weren't quite awake and couldn't stay awake.

Turning on the television Timmy calmly searched through the channels until the screen landed on Alien vs Predator. Mumbling "Sweet." To himself Timmy proceeded to watch, hearing the clang of metal from the basement coming to stop. The only thing that could mean was that Tommy was pissed off and didn't feel like working out anymore, or he had just worn himself out. Paying no mind to it, he knew that he'd get over whatever it was that was peeving him now soon enough.

Walking silently up the stairs Tommy wiped the sweat off of his forehead with a green towel, making his way into the living room in his black muscle shirt and jogging pants. Grabbing a glass of water he walked over to the couch and sat down next to Timmy."Remember what we talked about?" Tommy asked with a mischievous glare across his face, only to receive a nod from Timmy who had already gotten caught up in the movie. "Time for the princess to be knocked down to being a peasant." This also only received a nod from Timmy who didn't think that Tom had the balls to actually do something like that.
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Punishment is so sweet [EMW and `iza]
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