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 *Bows* Good Evening.

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PostSubject: *Bows* Good Evening.   Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:02 pm

Hello, How is everyone this fine evening. I am new to the site as you see for i am in the introdution thread. Well...hmm.. about me..

Here we go, I love RPing its been one of my passions for a long time now. I use to just do Regular Rps until I turned 18 and started experimenting with sexual rp (just tell my if i'm not aloud to put that in the intro some places you can others you can't). I'm and artist, loving to draw and wright everything I feel. I'm a very active gamer, playing games from all the halo's( which I have read all ofthe books aswell), COD 4and 5, MWF 2, to the PC games of sim and WOW. OH forgot i also ehjoy littlebigplanet from time to time. I am a massive geeky, freaky, Gamer chick. If there is more i can tell you that you would like to know please feel free to ask my door is always open for anything.

So thats me to a point, I hope you enjoyed me lol.
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*Bows* Good Evening.
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