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 I really want to have a Team Fortress 2 RP!

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PostSubject: I really want to have a Team Fortress 2 RP!   Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:22 pm

The characters are so dynamic and _neat_, and such a huge opportunity for happy man slash.. or, with gender bending, yuri or het.

I'm in a mood for anything TF2 related, preferably yaoi, but I'm easy going. I have no specific favorite pairings - as long as they are made of the nine classes, and their teams are decided.... It can be a couple or threesome or foursome.. however many you want. As long as the number of characters we're each playing is even, I'm good.

As for other "criteria" .. I don't really have any. We can role play on most of the instant messaging services - I have AIM, MSN, and Yahoo, or here on Blue Moon as a thread or PM.

I'm also lenient on post sizes - I tend to do minimum two to three sentences, and defitinely more when opening. As long as I don't get a one-liner every second post, I'm good with anything ... just don't expect long paragraphs to match yours, unless it's active, or I can do it.

So please, respond here or send me a PM. :3 I'll give out my address if you wanna do it that way.

>>>>Moving this request over to the new Blue Moon site... stupid non-sexual content!<<<<
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I really want to have a Team Fortress 2 RP!
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