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 Crimmy Wants to Play

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Sacrificing Crimson

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PostSubject: Crimmy Wants to Play   Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:47 am

Greetings one and all and welcome to my thread!

I'm Crimmy, Kitty, or Crim to pretty much everyone who knows me.

I am currently searching for a few specific roleplays and I would love nothing more than to find some literate people who can keep my attention.

By 'literate' I mean that I'm searching for players like myself who can put out two to three paragraphs; I need good spelling and grammar as well a as knowledge of the English language.

If you fit this, then please, feel free to message me on any of my instant message services, or send me a message here!

Here are the things I am currently craving:

Angel x Human (based loosely on the Rachelle Mead books Succubus Blues and Succubus Dreams:
The war between good and evil has been raging since the beginning to of time. There have always been angels and demons walking the earth in human guise. Their job is simply this, keep the balance between good and evil but at the same time try to tip it in their favor. Every major city can boast their own demons and angels, each controlled by those higher in power. Now an angel is being tempted: she's fallen for a human. Can she manage to keep her love safe without risking her angel status or will she fall for love and the pleasures that she's been denied for her long life?

Vampire x Shapeshifter (i.e werewolf, wereleopard, or any anthropomorphic being):
-For this there are only a few specifications;
~ Keep me interested, it's rather hard to keep my attention with vampire roleplays since I've had so many bad ones
~ Don't go with traditional vampire roles, mix things up a bit (I will tell you now that I absolutely despise the Twilight books so if you're going to use vampires of that nature then you'd better make some changes or I'll refuse immediately)
~ I love beastiality so feel free to have the shifter take advantage of a 'drunken' vampire in their beast form

Incest (mainly brother x sister; father x daughter; sister x sister; cousins):
~ For this I'd love to be a teasing daughter/sister/cousin, but I want the other person to take charge during sex, at least for the first time.
~ I'm looking for someone DOMINANT here, I'll play dom but I'd prefer to submit for this, at least for a little while.

- Specifications
~ I've been thinking over a few things and would love to add kidnapping and force into this roleplay, perhaps a girl being stalked by two men ( brothers, friends, cousins, or simply two men who both want to fuck her)
~ This I do want force, it doesn't have to be all out rape, but she will fight for a bit so don't be afraid to cause a bit of damage

Fetish List:

Biting- I love teeth and biting, blood is another of my fetishes, if you don't like pain then I can resist the urge, but I love to leave marks.

Pain- I am a masochist so don't be afraid to hurt me, I'll be sure to say when to stop.

Hair- When it comes to hair I say the longer the better! I love being able to play with the locks of my lover so give me long hair (preferably red, brunette, or black. I just don't really find blonds all that attractive unless it's actually gold (i.e. gold like Asher from the Anita Blake novels))

Eyes- I'm a sucker for a pair of pretty eyes, give me strange colors and variations.

Beastiality- I do enjoy being fucked by an animal, I'm sorry if you don't like it, but I do. If you're not interested in this then that's fine, just don't judge me.

Watersports- I enjoy watersports, I just do, it flat out does it for me. If you don't like it, then fine, I won't push, but don't be an asshole about things, sex is about what feels right dammit!

Bondage- Tie me up and use me as your toy, I'll be more than happy to please.

Piercings- I have piercings of my own and I've found that I love being able to play with other people's piercings. I find it erotic and sexy as hell so piercings, give me piercings!

Tattoos- I love body art, the more extensive the better!

Things I will not do:
Fanbased roleplays
(there are others I just don't want to type them up right now ><)

I do not to smut roleplays, I need a plot and if you're going to roleplay with me then it will most likely be long term, so don't even come asking if I just want to cyber. I will not do that on here, when I do it will be on messengers and you'd better ask nicely goddammit!

Okies, that seems like pretty much everything. Any questions just ask!
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Crimmy Wants to Play
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