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 (Nyoko x Hawkril) Is it an option?

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PostSubject: (Nyoko x Hawkril) Is it an option?   Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:23 pm

Damien was looking up at the sky, and all the distorted figures weren't exactly helping the day go by either, due to his own creepy imagination, almost everything was out of the ordinary, especially the origami figures he had conjured. Serving tea, and the feminine figures of most of the objects walking around weren't even considered female, although, monster-girls were certainly a fetish of his he had taken up on. As normal as it sounded to him, others would highly frown upon what is deemed unworthy in his righteous books, and as the day passed by, it only revolved around how anti-social he was becoming. Even the figures that had once become beautiful females with many different appearances had worn out to the appearance of these strange figures within his own kingdom. Especially after trying to alter their appearances a little more, nothing happened, as if he could get anything done by lounging around and lusting after...paper women?

That was too strange for his own liking, and then snapped his fingers making all of it disappear instantly, soon he was surrounded by a grassy knoll, waves of grass flowing in unison with the wind blowing east. Soon Damien found his black boots carrying him towards a lovely little hut resting it what looked like the middle of nowhere, before he finally found peace, shutting the wooden door behind him. The hut itself wasn't too large, big enough to accommodate one person, and the height of the door frame was big enough for him to stand up in too. The 6'2" figure of the God of Lust would be intimidating to anyone shorter than him, but that made no difference right now as he slowly shifted a bit.

A stir in the wind caused him to pause, and then an idea came to mind, Earth was a perfect denizen for many beauties he could control to his will, nor would they wear out or completely disobey him as he could control their minds to bend to his own will. The slim, muscular figure hidden underneath his white shirt was now stretching out, as he then sat down at a small round table, looking into a glass ball at the most gorgeous, curvy female he had seen in a while. A tent already making it's way inside his black trousers, gently rubbing it through his pants, and licking his thin lips, while blue eyes stared intently at this heavenly figure. He had to have her, Damien would watch her during the day for the moment, and with a snap of his fingers, she'd feel a strange urge creeping within her to play with herself.
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PostSubject: Re: (Nyoko x Hawkril) Is it an option?   Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:52 pm

Lauren was a beauty, everyone admired her and not just because she was beautiful, but because she had such a kind and loving personality. She was about 20 years old and still unmarried, which confused a lot of people but honestly she felt she just hadn't found her purpose in life yet, nor the person she was to be with.

She currently sat alone in her room reading a book, which she often did on lazy afternoons. Her long brown hair draped over her shoulders as she sat up with her back against the headboard. Books were her place to get away from everything, and she loved them like one loves a friend.

Her blue eyes scanned the page as a breeze drifted in the window. She had this odd feeling that someone was watching her, but she knew it was silly because no one was here. Still she had this werid feeling wash over her body. She felt suddenly aroused and set the book down.

She reached inside her pants after feeling a overwhelming feeling to please herself. She pressed a finger to her folds and pushed it in, causing her to moan in pleasure. Soon she pushed two fingers inside of her and thrusted them in and out. She had no idea what had come over her, but it felt great.
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(Nyoko x Hawkril) Is it an option?
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